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NHL 19 Tutorial for coins and points

Buying and opening packs brings a special emotion in every NHL 19 player. The excitement that you might get something good is very high. But to get to open pack you first need to buy them and to buy them you need coins and points (HUT coins and Hut points).

These are the main currencies of the game and you use them to buy all the game has to offer, but mainly packs. In this packs you can find various thing but most important are the players. You need to build a strong team and for this you need strong players.

Good players are hard to find, and you will need a lot of packs to open in order to get them. This means you will need coins and points to buy them. But how do you get coins and points? The game doesn’t reward you with high quantities. You will have to buy them, or you can get them for free using the NHL 19 generator.

This generator can add you unlimited amounts of points and coins right into your game account. It doesn’t matter if you are a PS4 user or Xbox One, it works for both. In just a few minutes you can boost your game at an incredible level. Your whole experience will be different when you can afford to buy what pack you want and when you control a strong team. You will surely impress your friends with your stats.

Video Tutorial