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NBA Live 19 Tutorial for coins and points

Hello NBA fans, if you are here it means you are looking for a way to get free coints and points in NBA Live 19. Why should you do that? Maybe you want to skip the long-playing time, you don’t have time, or you just don’t want to spend money on the shop. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are, one thing is sure, you will find the secret method for unlimited NBA points and coins.

What are nba coins and points?

These are the game main currencies. The game rewards you with coins for doing the objective and by completing certain challenges. The amount rewarded varies, but it is always small. This is to keep you playing the game for a longer time. With coins you can purchase different kind of packs.

Points are also used for buying packs but are more expensive than coins. Why? Because the game doesn’t reward you with points. You can only get points from the shop with real money. You should focus on the points from the start, because you can get any cards pack you want. A lot of people stop playing the game when they run out of points.

To build a top team all you need is LUT points. To get unlimited LUT points you must use an NBA Live points generator. Right now, this is the only working place where you can get points. As a bonus the generator can be used for the mobile version of the game, NBA Live Mobile.

Be a successful manager and assemble a team of great players. The key of an incredible team is to be made from incredible players. Open unlimited packs and discover all the top players to have it on your dream team. Purchase single NBA Super Stars from past and present to complete your team.

If you saw all those YouTube streamers that open huge amount of packs, you must know that they are our customers. They visit our site often and are satisfied. Now that you know the secret behind them you must become a top manager.

Video Tutorial